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    Buy & Sell Guidelines:
    • Users must have a minimum of 15 posts before having access to the Buy & Sell forum.
    • Buy and sell at your own risk.
    • Members should only use INSURED payment methods. Be aware of transactions coming from WTB (Want to Buy) threads whenever the interested party conducts all communications through PM or Email.
    • AKPHOTO forum members are not allowed to list items for sale in their signature.
    • You can only start a "New Topic" every 8 hours. You may sell more than one item by combining them on your listing.
    • You may "Bump" your listing thread every 12 hours: Either by replying to your own thread or by clicking on the "Bump" button.
    • You must mark your "Item(s) as sold" when the transaction is finalized.
    • Replies cannot be used to sell items. Only "First Posts" can be used to list an item for sale.
    • Commercial sales are not allowed. The Buy and Sell board is dedicated to photographers selling their 'own personal' items. The board moderator will evaluate every 'suspect' listing and decide if it's commercial or not.
    • Running auctions is not allowed. You MUST include a listing price for the item(s) being sold. Auction threads will be deleted.
    • These boards are moderated. We reserve the right to immediately remove posts that are suspected to be fraudulent. Any member who makes a fraudulent sale/purchase will be banned from this site without further notice.
    • How do I report a thread?
      To report a thread, click on the "Report" button.
    • Can I post my concerns regarding the seller's price on a listing price?
      If you don't agree with an item's price, or if you know a place where the same item is being sold for less, do NOT interfere or post your opinion/prices on the thread in question. The seller may not know what the "politically correct" price. Members posting prices or being hostile to the seller's threads will be warned or even have their accounts locked.
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