Canon 5DS Specs Leak!

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    The 5DS specs have dropped. Note, this is NOT the 5D Mark IV... that is coming later this year:

    Specifications for the new EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R have leaked. The camera will officially be announced by Canon next week, with availability sometime in March. Expect pre-orders to start on the major camera retailer websites immediately after next week's announcement.

    Three Different 5D Bodies
    Note the maximum ISO of 6,400. This is NOT a Canon 5D Mark IV and is not a direct replacement to the 5D Mark III. The EOS 5DS and 5DS R constitute a "split" in the 5D line, and are for those specifically seeking high MP bodies and better color reproduction. This sounds like a commercial studio and big-print landscape camera that will try to compete directly with PhaseOne and Hasselblad.

    The 5DS series boast a new CFA (Color Filter Array) that will yield unparalled color accuracy from a Canon camera. However, the new CFA significantly limits ISO range. As a result, the 5D lineup will consist of three bodies in 2015: the 50 megapixel 5DS, the 5DS R (with the low pass filter removed), and the 5D Mark IV: a 20+MP body with a "standard" range of ISOs that event photographers have come to love.

    What About the 5D4?
    Canon is still keeping the 5D Mark IV under wraps, and an official announcement is rumored for summer 2015 with significantly improved video features (4k?) and a "modest" increase in MP. No news on pricing or dynamic range performance for any of these 5D variants.

    Get ready folks, 2015 looks to be a banner year for Canon fans! Discuss in the Canon 5DS Forum.

    Canon 5DS Specifications
    • 50.6MP full frame CMOS sensor
    • 5DS R has the low pass filter removed
    • Magnesium Alloy Body
    • Dust and weather sealed
    • Dual DIGIC6 processor
    • ISO Range of 100-6400
    • 5FPS continuous shooting
    • High precision 61-point AF
    • EOS Itr AF
    • “fine detail” added to the Picture Styles
    • 1.3x and 1.6x crop shooting mode
    • Customizable “Quick Control screen”
    • Time-lapse movie
    • Anti-flicker
    • Interval Timer
    • Bulb timer
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    Decisions, decisions... 5D4 or 5DS... how is one to decide???

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