Intro to Star Trail Photography - May 16 & 17

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    I'll be kicking off the summer Star Trail workshops with a two-day seminar on May 16 and 17, when the moon calendar shows an approaching new moon. This will be a perfect time to go over Star Trail photography basics, including gear requirements (lenses, suggested bodies, bulbs, etc.), and to help you get started on your way to taking spectacular Star Trail photos!

    Workshops will take place at Stout Street Studio and we'll do some real-world field work in the mountains on the evening of the 16th. We will reconvene on the 17th to review work and critique.


    • DSLR camera (crop or full frame)
    • Wide Angle Lens (35mm or wider preferred, but we can make anything work!)
    • Remote shutter control (bulb) or timer
    • Tripod
    • Flashlight
    • Cold weather attire
    This workshop will be limited to 8 attendees.

    Register here.


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